Penny Thomson is suddenly blowing up and it’s easy to see why. Her intricate and delightful mechanical scenes are inspiring. Each one is unique, so you’ll have to follow closely if you want snap one up.

from her website:

We are a micro family business, a Mother and Daughter team who make intricate, original and magical creations! Our ethos is sustainable, imaginative and innovative design with a deep passion for nature and the protection of our beautiful planet. We work from a home-based workshop with our two pups and kitty (Concrete The Cat) who often make appearances in our social media publicity…

Penny has been working for over 40 years as an artist and designer, inspiring her three wonderful children to pursue their passions and, in the process, employing Briony, her youngest daughter, to handle the more tedious side of computers, finance and logistics. With her time free to experiment with new materials and methods, Penny’s work is flourishing into a frenzy of mechanical magic.

Briony has worked in freelance marketing and management for several years, starting with our very own website nearly 10 years ago! Now eager to bring her own vision and structure to the business, Briony and Penny work together to create wondrous artworks for customers worldwide!

In June we had a staggering change when a video of one of our automata went viral and we suddenly gained more customers and followers than ever! Ever since then we’ve been working on turning out our stunning works as fast as possible, without losing the signature flare of Penny’s own hand. Everything we sell, from start to finish, is handmade and completely unique. We are dedicated to using recycled, reused and repurposed materials – you wouldn’t believe how our treasures started out! (as trash…)

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