There’s a cruel irony in being a ballet dancer in that you spend your training, what has been the majority of your life, in a punishing and meticulous practice of refining. Refining in a way that makes your work look effortless. A huge part of the SKILL is giving the impression of magic and that your extreme abilities come from little effort.

This has the outcome of most of the world not knowing that it is in fact one of the most extreme physical disciplines, one that very few people master. And so when say, a fashion brand is casting for a ballet themed photoshoot, it is often populated with models, rather than people trained in the discipline being portrayed.

Seeing this as a ballet dancer is cringe-worthy at best, humiliating at the other end of the spectrum. Instagram account @modelsdoingballet has curated a hilarious and growing compilation of advertising’s representation of ballet, along with the occasional glorious example of when fashion gets it right.

Here are a few of their favorite Instagram accounts:

Balletmoods, Diet Prada, Kookslams, Somatic Based Content Only, and of course our original ambassador, Kendall Jenner. We love following James Whiteside. We did a post with the caption “WHITESIDE COULD NEVER”…and he responded “I’m screaming right now.”

Dead. We made it.