I hope I don’t lose you here. I’m not prone to magical thinking. When people tell me that the universe is telling them something, all I hear is their inability to take responsibility for their life and choices. But I’ve been obsessively listening to the recordings of a clairvoyant. His name is Paul Selig and he communicates a prolific amount of information that comes to him seemingly non-stop from the realm of pure consciousness.

The words are astounding, but takes some time to digest at first. There’s not a wasted word and each bit of information comes through as new…only repeated for a specific reason. And it’s not just that it’s new information, as much of it is, it’s that all of the thoughts and theories of existence and ways I’ve considered how to be in this world become organized and even fringe concepts are shown as part of the greater whole with complete clarity.

I’ve shared certain recordings with friends when something they’ve said or something they’ve been going through reminded me of information I’ve heard through Paul Selig. And mostly without fail, their response is “I don’t know if it is real.”

It caught me off guard at first because I hadn’t considered it. The information was so powerful and helpful to me that that was my focus. I can’t wait to eat up more of it. Who cares if it’s real? Maybe it’s real. Maybe it’s a brain tumor. Maybe he’s a fake. Why does that matter when the information is so incredibly helpful. If he’s a fake, he’s a brilliant fake.

What would be the proof possible for anything that exists beyond our known perception? There seems to be an immutable fact of existence that we can only measure what we can measure and spirit isn’t part of that. God is never going to show up fully formed and explain it all to us. That seems to be part of the point. We are starting to measure certain aspects such as the transfer and exchange of energy between people or the fact that we know that there are things around us that we just can’t perceive as humans…but these are like hairs on the head of an entire body. So to demand that proof of the messenger when there might be a miracle in front of us might keep us from ever lifting beyond the day to day of pain. In ironclad scientific proof the possibilities are so limited. I believe more than most things that humans are capable of things unimaginably beyond what we utilizes ourselves for.

A friend of mine mentioned the other day that he had gotten some really great perspective and advice from someone. It helped him move forward. And then the person did something that revealed an ulterior motive and suddenly he threw into question all that he had gotten from it. But nothing about the original information or the fact it had helped him had changed. By needing “proof” of the messenger the truth of the message was becoming lost. There is no human that knows the infallible truth. There is no teacher who is not susceptible to the brokenness of humanity.

I think this comes back to my allergy to ‘universe telling me something’ speak. Letting reality be described and determined by another person (or even the universe) undermines that the truth is right here with us, always. It’s the fear. It’s the lack of accountability by putting decisions in the hands of others. When I let go of those things, the truth becomes quite clear. It’s up to me alone to make the journey of moving toward truth. It’s up to me to not retreat into the safety of the illusions we build together every day. It’s up to me to exist as purely as I can in all that matters.